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Luncheon meat Dutch meatloaf

Old Fashioned Dutch Loaf – Luncheon Meat

Do you still remember your first experience with lunch meat? Mine was a bologna sandwich, and I felt on top of the world. It was a rite of passage, almost, into the big kid realm; my graduation from peanut-butter and jelly to real food. When I discovered Old-Fashioned Dutch Loaf in college, I ate it

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The best beef ribs on a charcoal grill

The Best Beef Ribs On A Charcoal Grill

If you’re a fan of beef ribs, you’ll love the sweet, smoky flavor of the ones we’ll help you prepare on your very own charcoal grill. Even if you’ve never attempted to prepare them this way—or never experienced the joys of a charcoal grill at all—our step-by-step guide will turn you into a pro in

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Smoked brisket on a pellet grill

Cooking Brisket on a Pellet Grill 101 – Tips and Tricks

The brisket potion of beef is cut from the underside of the steer located near the chest or breast area. This is a particularly tough cut of beef that lends itself perfectly to low and slow cooking on a pellet grill. Brisket is abundantly rich in fat and collagen. This results in a quite tasty

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How much to pay for brisket

The Price Science – How Much To Pay For Brisket?

Brisket price is a fairly complicated subject, but it is important to know all about it if you want to be able to satisfy your brisket cravings and impress your guests with this tasty cut of meat. Keep reading to find out the ultimate guide to calculating your beef brisket prices and cutting back on

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Easy smoked pork leg recipe

Easy Smoked Pork Leg Recipe

Pork comes from pigs and it is red meat that is high in protein, minerals, vitamins, and amino acid that is good for your overall health. Some pork, like the tenderloins, sirloin roast, and loin chops are full of nutrients and are healthier than chicken. Most people like to use the leg of pork because

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Best wood for smoking cheese

Your Favorite Smoked Cheese – Best Wood For Smoking

Everyone’s heard of smoking meat, but chances are good that most people only think of smoked cheese around the winter holidays, what with those meat and cheese gift baskets. Cheese may seem like an unconventional thing to smoke but there are actually several advantages when smoking a piece of cheese, some of the more notable

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The Real Texas BBQ Sauce

The Real Texas BBQ Sauce

In many of our previous entries, we have talked about how our ancient ancestors were already preserving and seasoning meat using herbal concoctions that were tantamount to what is today’s rub. Yet, it is impossible to deny that tender and juicy meat goes extremely well with a sumptuous, deliciously sweet and tangy seasoning sauce as

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Brined and smoked pork side

Delicious Brined And Smoked Pork Side

Side pork is the part of the pig where most of our favorite pork products come from. Think bacon, pork belly, short ribs, and spare ribs. The meat itself comes from the belly, which is, as you already know, is located toward “the side” of the pig. If you are still unfamiliar with other cuts

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The best smoked turkey rub

The Best Smoked Turkey Rub Recipe

Preparing delicious mouth-watering turkey meat for Thanksgiving and Christmas is a lively tradition in North America and Europe. Every year, a vast quantity of meat is processed to meet the demand of millions of consumers. For health-conscious individuals, smoked Turkey is considered among one of the tastiest and nutritious dishes. Most Turkeys are baked or

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