Dick From Batavia, Illinois

I gave my 2 children gas grills 7 years ago for Christmas after they gave me one for Fathers day. Each year on the first Sunday of October we have the Brunton Family Grill Off. They come over on Sunday morning and for the next 4 hours we slice and dice together. Starting at 1:00PM, appetizers go on the grill. At 3:00PM, the main course is started, and at 6:00PM, the desert. Something from each course has to be grilled. At the end of the night, all guests vote on presentation and taste. It is my favorite day of the year to do this with my children. The traveling trophy is pictured. The only bad part is in 7 years, dad has only won once. And we don’t tell each other what we are cooking until the day of the Cookoff. I recommend this to anyone with adult children.